Fat Brush Studio is a limited liability company that I formed years ago in hopes of marketing my art work. My day job is managing agile software development teams, but my bachelor’s degree was in fine art from Syracuse University. Art is more than a hobby to me, it is a passion. Now I am ready to spend more of my free time in creating art. Please browse the gallery and see what new things I am working on.


Works in Oil

Works in Acrylic


Sculpture and Plastic

Watercolor & Tempera

Mixed Media

Drawings and Computer Studies

Pricing for Sale or Lease

All art work in the gallery are for sale or lease unless otherwise noted. I will supply prices by request, but there are five general price ranges based on size. Price ranges are listed in the table below. All prices are for the works only and do not include framing. Sales tax and shipping charges are also extra. Some select pieces may fall outside the normal price range. There are also three different types of lease that are offered on pieces that retail for no less than $1,000.00. Leasing terms are available on request

Small works on paper under 24″ diagonal $250 to $500
Large works on paper 24″ diagonal and up $400 to $1200
Small works on canvas/board under 32″ diagonal $500 to $2,000
Large works on canvas/board 32″ to 52″ diagonal $1,000 to $5,000
Very large works on canvas/board over 52″ diagonal $3,000 to $12,000